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    Product details: DescriptionThis multimode VCSELs was engineered, design, manufactured by poetek.  It was designed for optical communication, such as data communication transceiver, AOC,USB or HDMI.  Low threshold current can keep the good performance in high frequency operation up to 10Gbps.  Moisture resistance and reliability performance has been demonstrated, means it can meet COB or TO package.Optical-Electrical Characteristic ParameterSymbolMinTypMaxUnitNoteThreshold CurrentIth 11.2mA Forward VoltageVf 1.6 Volt@6mAOptical PowerP1 2.5mW@6mASlop EfficiencySE0.3 0.5  Series ResistanceRs 5080Ohm Wavelengthλ840 860nmIop=6mABeam Divergenceθ (FWHM) 16 degree Spectral width(RMS)△λ 0.40.6nmIop=6mARise timeTr20/80 4555pSIop=6mAFall timeTf80/20 4555pSIop=6mA3dB band widthF3dB 9 GHzIop=6mAAbsolute Maximum RatingParameterSymbolMinTypMaxUnitNoteOptical PowerP  9mW Forward currentIf  20mA Continue forwardIf 12 mA Reverse voltageVr 10 V Operation temperatureTop-40 85℃ Storage temperatureTs  100℃ Typical LIV CurveBandwidth Curve & Equivalent Circuit FittingGeometrical Dimensions