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Pacific Opto ELectronic Technology Co,Ltd the registered capital of 133 million yuan. Covers an area of 70 acres, using the most advanced equipment and Europe and the United States, Japan, Taiwan and other advanced production equipment more than 1000 units, a total construction area of 46320 square meters. Currently under construction 18 million on the VCSEL surface emitting laser transmitter chip and 1 million 800 thousand AOC active optical cable project. Products are mainly used in big data, cloud computing data center server; 4G, 5G; products to fill the gaps, is the supply side policies of structural reforms to make up the short board project; and "Chinese manufacturing 2025" national strategy for good docking; chip production is an important component of the sensor for Internet plus, the Internet of things robot and other high-tech fields.
The company invited hire technical team in Taiwan to import technology, this technology in the field of chip technology and semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing the same, and belongs to the field of semiconductor processing technology, processing of semiconductor wafer by photolithography and dry etching technology, advanced technology in domestic industry belongs to the high added value.
We follow the 13th Five-Year national communications industry policy, focusing on FTTH, 5G mobile communications, big data and cloud computing industry, the introduction of high-end equipment and technology, R & D, production and sales of high speed optical communication transceiver chip, using its own chip, assembled into optical module and optical source. The implementation of VCSEL chip and AOC active optical cable project, will fill the blank of domestic optical communication industry chain technology, the project integrates chip, package, module production, AOC active optical cable technology, will complete the main passive components industry domestic optical communication industry chain.